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Spare parts for HONDA ACCORD IX 2.0 CVT (LFA1)

  • Body No: CR6
  • Eng. Vol: 2000
  • Eng. No: LFA1
  • Production: 2013--

Parts list

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Part group name
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Shock Absorbers

Front Left Shock Absorber 51621-T3W-J12
Front Right Shock Absorber 51611-T3W-J12
Shock Absorber Rear Left 52611-T3W-A12
Shock Absorber Rear Right 52611-T3W-A12

Abs Sensors

Abs Sensor Front Left 57455-T2F-A01
Abs Sensor Front Right 57450-T2F-A01
Abs Sensor Rear Left 57470-T2F-A01
Abs Sensor Rear Right 57470-T2F-A01

Hub Bearings

Front Hub Bearing 44300-T2A-A51
Hub assy rear 42200-T3V-A61

Cooling System

Water Pump 19200-5K0-A01
Thermostat 19301-5K0-305


Front Stabilizer Bushings 51306-T2B-A01
Stabilizer link front left 51325-T2A-A01
Stabilizer link front right 51320-T2A-A01
Rear Stabilizer Bushings 52306-T3M-A01
Stabilizer link rear left 52325-TA0-A01
Stabilizer link rear right 52320-ТА0-А01

Brake Discs And Drums

Front Brake Disc 45251-T3V-A01
Rear Brake Disc 42510-ТА0-А02

Brake Pads

Front Disc Pads 45022-T3Z-A01
Rear Disc Pads 43022-TA0-A81

Brake Hoses

Front Left Hose 01465-T2A-A50
Front Right Hose 01464-T2A-A50
Rear Left Hose 01468-T2A-P50
Rear Right Hose 01466-T2A-P50


Oil Filter B14009
Air Filter 17220-5K0-A00
Fuel filter 17048-T2A-L00
Cabin filter 80292-SDA-407
Cabin filter 80292-SWA-A02

Ball Joints

Ball lower left 51220-T2A-305
Ball lower right 51220-T2A-305