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Spare parts for HONDA LEGEND II COUPE 3.2 (C32A)

  • Body No: KA8
  • Eng. Vol: 3200I 24V
  • Eng. No: C32A
  • Production: 1991--

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Shrus Boots

Boot outer SHRUS G54013
Boot inner left CV joint G64013
Boot inner right CV joint G64013


Clutch Disc F34025
Clutch Basket F24032
Release Bearing F44015
Clutch Kit F14027

Brake Cable

Cable rear left C74081
Cable rear right C74082

Brake Pads

Front Disc Pads C14048
Rear Disc Pads C24009

Brake Hoses

Front Left Hose FT3620
Front Right Hose FT3611
Rear Left Hose FT3619
Rear Right Hose FT3619