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Spare parts for SUBARU LEGACY B15 2.5i CVT (FB25)

SUBARU LEGACY B15 2.5i CVT<!--4s3bnad66h3031214-->
  • Body No: BN USA
  • Eng. Vol: 2500
  • Eng. No: FB25
  • Production: 2014--

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Shock Absorbers

Front Left Shock Absorber 20310AL03A
Front Right Shock Absorber 20310AL02A
Shock Absorber Rear Left 20365AL00A
Shock Absorber Rear Right 20365AL00A

Grenades And Drive

Drive Left 28321AL000
Drive Left 28421AL00A
Drive Right 28321AL000
Drive Right 28421AL00A


Oil Pressure Sensor 25240KA041
Oil Level Sensor 11136AA111
Engine Temperature Sensor 22630AA17A
Knock Sensor 22060AA160
Crankshaft Position Sensor 22053AA071
Camshaft Position Sensor 22056AA270
Air mass meter 22680AA38A
Vacuum Sensor 22627AA510
Variable Valve Timing 10921AA230


Automatic transmission filter 31728AA180
Automatic transmission filter 31835AA030
Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket 31338AA020
Ring Sealing 806929030
Drain plug 31325AA190
Drain plug washer 806916050
Filter Cover Gasket 38373AA010


Oil Filler Cap 15255AA161
Oil Fill Cap Gasket 803942020
Radiator Cap 45137AE010
Expansion Tank Cap 45155AG00A

Lambda Probes

Lambda Probe 22641AA71A
Oxygen Sensor 2nd 22641AA71A

Belt Tensioners

Tension Mechanism 23769AA05A

Rack Supports, Anthers, Chippers

Front Strut Support Left 20320AL00A
Front Strut Support 20320AL00A
Front strut boot 20322AL00A
Front Pillar Bumper 20321AL000
Rear Strut Support Left 20370AL00A
Rear Strut Support 20370AL00A
Rear Pillar Bumper 20371AL000
Boot rack rear 20372AJ00A

Silencer Cushions

Rear Barrel Cushion 44066AL00A

Gear Cushions

Pillow Of A Reducer Forward 41310AL000
Pillow Of A Reducer Back 41322AG00A

Hub Bearings

Hub assy front 28373AL00A
Hub assy rear 28473AL00A


Exhaust Manifold Gasket 44022AA020
Exhaust Pipe Gasket 44022AA123
Exhaust Pipe Gasket 44011AL000


Front spring 20330AL01A
Spring back 20380AL00A

Shrus Boots

задняя ось

Boot outer SHRUS 28423AG02A
Boot inner CV joint 28423AG010

передняя ось

Boot outer SHRUS 28323AG020
Boot inner CV joint 28323SC000

Steering Rack And Power Steering

Steering rack silent block 34112SG010
Steering rack silent block 34112SG020
Steering rack silent block 34112SG000

Drive Belts

Belt 23780AA010


Front Lower Left Arm 20202AL01A
Front Lower Right Arm 20202AL00A
Rear Trailing Arm Left 20250AL03A
Rear Right Trailing Arm 20250AL02A
Rear Transverse Upper Arm 20252FJ030
Rear Transverse Upper Arm 20252FJ020
Rear Wishbone 20250FG021
Rear Wishbone 20250AL01A

Arm Bush

Front arm silent block front 20204AG000
Front arm rear silent block 20219AL00A
Front arm rear silent block 20219AL01A
Rear trailing arm silent block 20254AJ00A
Rear trailing arm silent block 20254AJ08A
Rear wishbone silent block 20254AE02A
Rear wishbone silent block 20254FG020
Rear wishbone silent block 20257XA000
Silent block of the rear upper arm SAB-G12R2
Silent block of the rear upper arm SAB-B9R1

Engine Seals

Front crankshaft oil seal 806750080
Rear crankshaft oil seal 806792010

Transmission Seals

задний дифференциал

Left drive oil seal 806732220
Right drive oil seal 806732210
Reducer shank oil seal 806735330

передний дифференциал

Left drive oil seal 806735290
Right drive oil seal 806735300
Transfer case oil seal 806741000


Spark plug 22401AA781

Cooling System

Upper Spigot 45161AL070
Lower Branch Pipe 45161AL080
Water Pump 21110AA690
Pump Gasket 21114AA120
Radiator 45111AL04A
Thermostat 21210AA260
Thermostat 21210AA190
Thermostat Gasket 21236AA050
Thermostat Gasket 21236AA100


Front Stabilizer Bushings 20414AL00A
Stabilizer link front left 20420AL010
Stabilizer link front right 20420AL000
Rear Stabilizer Bushings 20464AJ01A
Stabilizer link rear left 20470AJ000
Stabilizer link rear right 20470AJ000

Fuel System

Nozzle top rubber 16698AA110
Nozzle rubber medium 16395AA020
Nozzle rubber lower 16608KA000
Gasoline Pump 42022AL00A

Brake Discs And Drums

Front Brake Disc 26300AL000
Rear Brake Disc 26700AL03A

Brake Pads

Front Disc Pads 26296AL03A
Rear Disc Pads 26696AL01A

Rods And Tips

Tie rod left 34160XA010
Tie rod right 34160XA010
Tip External Left 34161AL010
Tip External Right 34161AL000


Oil Filter 15208AA15A
Air Filter 16546AA12A
Fuel filter 42072AA120
Cabin filter 72880AL00A