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Spare parts for TOYOTA RAV 4 V 2.5 Hybrid (A25AFXS)

TOYOTA RAV 4 V 2.5 Hybrid<!--2t3bwrfv3kw011118-->
  • Body No: AXAA5#, AXAH54
  • Eng. Vol: 2500 16V
  • Eng. No: A25AFXS
  • Production: 03.2019--

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Engine Temperature Sensor 8942233040
Knock Sensor 8961506010
Knock Sensor 8961520090
Crankshaft Position Sensor 9091905095
Camshaft Position Sensor 9091905096
Air mass meter 2220475040
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor 8945806021
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor 8945833041


Engine Oil 0888012105


Drain Plug Gasket 9043012031
Drain plug of the pallet of the engine 90341A0007


Spark plug 9091901289

Cooling System

Thermostat 1603125010

Fuel System

Gasoline Pump 2322125030

Brake Pads

Front Disc Pads 044650E060
Rear Disc Pads 0446602380

Front Wheel Brake

Front caliper repair kit 044780E061

Rear Wheel Brake

Rear caliper repair kit 0447902420


Oil Filter 9091510009
Air Filter 1780177050
Fuel filter 2322125030
Cabin filter 8713958010