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Suspension & Frame BUSH 51350-SYP-901_BH - specifications of

Suspension & Frame BUSH

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D out:

outer diameter, mm 

L out:

outer length, mm 

D in:

internal diameter, mm 

L in:

internal length, mm 

  • D out - outer diameter, mm
  • L out - outer length, mm
  • D in - internal diameter, mm
  • L in - internal length, mm
  • Notes
  • Bushing type
  • Installation side
  • Weight, kg


Number Brand Description D out L out D in L in
Suspension bush BH28189 (JIKIU) BH28189 JIKIU
OEM: HAB-RT4B, 51350-SYP-020_BH, 51350-SYP-900_BH, 51350-SYP-901_BH, 51360-SYP-000_BH, 51360-SYP-010_BH, 51360-SYP-020_BH
69.1 55.5 28.8
Suspension bush BH28043 (JIKIU) BH28043 JIKIU
OEM: HAB-RES, 11J2579, 51350-SWA-E01_BHS, 51350-SWA-E11_BHS, 51350-SWA-E50_BHS, 51350-SWA-E80_BHS, 51350-SYP-900_BHS, 51350-SYP-901_BHS, 51350-T0A-A12_BHS, 51360-SWA-E01_BHS, 51360-SWA-E11_BHS, 51360-SWA-E40_BHS, 51360-SWA-E80_BHS, 51360-SYP-000_BHS, 51360-SYP-010_BHS, 51360-SYP-020_BHS, 51360-T0A-A12_BHS, 51392-SWA-003_BHS, 51392-SWA-A02_BHS, 51392SWA003, C8302, RU-543, O24407WS, 7-06-2884
41.6 37 14.2 60

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