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Added FENOX silent blocks

There are currently 416 FENOX silent blocks in the catalog with dimensions and photos

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About the brand:

FENOX takes the quality of its products very seriously. A silent block is a suspension part that must remain elastic at various temperatures. The use of special rubber compounds, it is possible to avoid damage to the rubber bushing during a long time of operation. And thanks to special additives, the hardness of rubber in FENOX silent blocks is about 65 Shore units.

The latest technologies in the production of silent blocks are designed to make the manufactured spare parts as reliable and of high quality as possible. Finished products have such protection as anti-corrosion coating, increased adhesion of rubber to metal.

Silent blocks are mechanically tested for quality - extrusion of a metal sleeve from the outer cage, in which FENOX silent blocks can withstand a force of up to 15,000 N. Additionally, products are tested for durability and rust resistance in a salt fog chamber.

Catalog of silent blocks FENOX


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