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New brand LYNXAuto

A truly Japanese brand in the auto parts market is represented by such groups of spare parts:

silent blocks (+870)
steering rods and tips (+332)
- suspension parts
- filters
- clutch systems
- accessories

LYNXauto assortment

About the brand:

Akita Kaihatsu was founded in 1964 in Osaka (Japan) as a small laboratory for studying the properties of metals. In 1987, Akita Kaihatsu is a member of the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee JISC - a permanent member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is directly involved in the development of system standards for the organization of quality management (ISO 9000) and environmental management (ISO 14000). In 2008, the company's management decided to organize the production of auto parts under its own brand LYNXauto, and since the fall of 2008, the production of spare parts and consumables under the LYNXauto brand has been launched at the production facilities of the company and partner enterprises. Today, LYNXauto products are represented by 28 product groups and are available to customers all over the world.


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