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Brake hose catalog update

We updated the brake hose sizing catalog with parts for January 2022. In total, there are 2810 hoses in the catalog with photos and parameters.

K&K Brake Hoses

Technical description:

Flexible brake hose for road vehicle hydraulic systems with mineral based brake fluid (DOT 4) manufactured to the following standards: SAE J 1401, FMVSS 106. Marking: SAE J 1401 1/8 HL.

Technical parameters for application:

Hose nominal inner diameter: less than 4 mm
Test pressure:

air: from 10.3 MPa to 14.5 MPa / not less than 10, not more than 25 seconds
brake fluid: from 20.7 MPa to 24.8 MPa / not less than 10, not more than 25 seconds

Bursting pressure: not less than 49 MPa Bursting

more than 1446 N at a speed of 25±3 mm/min
more than 1646 N at a speed of 50±3 mm/min

Application area:

Hydraulic brake hoses for road, passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, vans, SUVs, ATVs and scooters, depending on the year of manufacture, type of fuel, brake system. 

About the brand:

K&K is a family business founded in 1995 in Hungary. Together with partners, we meet the needs of customers in the automotive parts industry in a professional and reliable manner with the use of innovation. The high quality of K&K hydraulic brake lines is confirmed by internationally recognized quality certificates.

That is why customers choose K&K products over other brands.

Brake hose sizing

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  • Type R
    А чо сайт то на русском, а не на великой мове?
  • Type S
    На прошлой машине (Accord 2001 года) менял шланги на K&K, проходили 5 лет, потом продал машину. Качеством и ценой остался доволен, в разы дешевле оригинала.

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