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Outer CV Joint 823148 (GSP)


Teeth A:
36 pcs

internal teeth

Ø Seal:
64 mm

seal diameter

Teeth C:
30 pcs

external teeth

170 mm

CV Joint length

Thread size:

How to measure a CV Joint
  • Teeth A - internal teeth, pcs
  • ⌀ Seal - seal diameter, mm
  • Teeth C - external teeth, pcs
  • ABS - number of teeth on ABS ring, pcs
  • L - CV Joint length, mm
  • ABSIn - ABS ring diameter, mm
  • ABSOut - outer diameter of the ABS ring, mm
  • Ø CV J max - diameter per joint MAX, mm
  • Thread size
  • Transmission
  • Installation side
  • Weight, kg


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