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Spare parts for MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER III 2.4 Hybrid USA 4WD (4J12)

MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER III 2.4 Hybrid USA 4WD<!--ja4ad2a38fz008360-->
  • Body No: GF8W
  • Eng. Vol: 2400
  • Eng. No: 4J12
  • Production: 2012--

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Automatic transmission filter 2705A014
Automatic transmission filter 2824A006
Automatic transmission filter 2824A007
Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket 2705A015
Ring Sealing 2920A096
Ring Sealing 2824A005

Transmission Seals

Automatic transmission torque converter oil seal 2702A006
Right drive oil seal 2702A014
Right drive oil seal 2702A014


Spark plug 1822A088

Ignition System

Ignition Coil 1832A062

Brake Pads

Front Disc Pads C15044
Front Disc Pads C23019


Oil Filter MD360935
Air Filter MR968274
Cabin filter MR968274