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Suspension & Frame BUSH N24PF01B - specifications of

Suspension & Frame BUSH

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D out:

outer diameter, mm 

L out:

outer length, mm 

D in:

internal diameter, mm 

L in:

internal length, mm 

  • D out - outer diameter, mm
  • L out - outer length, mm
  • D in - internal diameter, mm
  • L in - internal length, mm
  • Notes
  • Bushing type
  • Installation side
  • Weight, kg


Number Brand Description D out L out D in L in
Suspension bush C9027 (LYNXauto) C9027 LYNXauto
OEM: 54500-0W000, 54500-0W001, 54501-0W000, 54501-0W001, 54570-52F10, GOM-1141, RU-1141, GOJ1141, N24PF01B
22.8 65
Suspension bush 54570-0W020 (R8) 54570-0W020 R8
OEM: 545700W020, 5457052F10, R8545700W020, 545000W000, 545000W001, 545010W000, 545010W001, NAB074, N24PF01B, HR801182
54.8 55 18.2 65.1
Suspension bush BH22030 (JIKIU) BH22030 JIKIU
OEM: GOM-162, NAB-074, 11J1923, RU-162, C9027, RU-622, 54500-0W001_BHR, 54501-7C350_BHR, 54570-0W020, 54570-52F10, 54596-0W001, N24PF01B
52 54 19 64
Suspension bush N24PF01B (RBI) N24PF01B RBI
OEM: N24PF01B, 54570-52F10
53 50 23 65

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