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Stabilizer Bushings with your sizes 24-45-41--34

Stabilizer Bushings

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stabilizer diameter, mm 

H ±2 mm:

bushing height, mm 

W ±2 mm:

bushing weight, mm 

H1 ±2 mm:

stabilizer bar height, mm 

W1 ±2 mm:

stabilizer bar weight, mm 

  • D - stabilizer diameter, mm
  • H - bushing height, mm
  • W - bushing weight, mm
  • H1 - stabilizer bar height, mm
  • W1 - stabilizer bar weight, mm


Number Brand Description D H W H1 W1
Stabilizer Bushing BL28055 (JIKIU) BL28055 JIKIU
OEM: HSB-RA6R, 52315-S3N-901
24.9 45.3 41.3 34.7

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